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Sweet Melissa’s

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.1 miles from the Courthouse. Owned by local residents Glen and Liz Gurevitch, Sweet Melissa’s has been serving the Decatur breakfast and lunch crowd since 1989.  Although known for their delicious yogurt pancakes and biscuits (which you can order anytime), there are a multitude of interesting options for lunchtime visitors as well. First and foremost, the pancakes and biscuits are simply delicious and have garnered local praise and a loyal following (as noted in our review of Ria’s Bluebird in Fulton, pancakes make a perfect meal for trial lawyers in the heat of battle).  The pancakes are served with a fruit butter and syrup (pure maple syrup can be added for $1.50).  The biscuits are served a la carte or alongside either one of the various egg scrambles or the Tahini Tofu scramble (mushroom & tofu marinated in soy sauce, tahini, garlic, ginger and honey). The lunch menu offers a series of sandwich style options such as Melts (tuna melt, reubens and a “Pita Dog” with bacon and melted cheese), Phillys (ranging from steak to veggie to even shrimp), Quesadillas, and various “Pockets and Wraps”. A quick in and out and its close proximity to the courthouse make this an easy lunchtime option.

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  1. Courthouse Bites says:

    Benay Krissel writes, “Relaxed environment, tasty sandwiches, realistic pricing, convenient location… it has it all.”

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