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.4 miles from the Courthouse. With all of the boutique burger joints popping up all over the place, its hard to tell them apart.  While most of the focus these days has been on getting the best grass-fed beef and grilling it, how about raising the beef yourself? That’s exactly what these guys do–and have been doing for several years.  It was all started by Jason Mann, a graduate student studying ecology at UGA, who founded Full Moon Farms–a small organic/biodynamic farm in Watkinsville.  From there, Food 255 and Farm Cart in Athens were born and now Farm Burger.  All of the meat and produce served at their restaurants come from the farm or other local sustainable producers.  Take that, Flip!

Now, as far as the menu goes…you guessed it, they have burgers with all of the sides and fixings imaginable.  The base level burger is a $6 dry-aged grass-fed patty on a sesame bun and from there you can add packages and options that can take it up to double the price.   There are over 30 toppings ranging from $0 (housemade pickes, pickled jalepenos, tomatoes, etc.) to $1 (fried farm egg, basic entry-level cheeses), $2 (local Sweetgrass Dairies blue cheese, aged cheddar, brisket chili, and oxtail marmalade) and even $3 (roasted bone marrow!).  There are six “Blackboard Burgers” that are essentially themed package deals like the Burger Banh Mi (#3) and a huevos rancheros-style patty with bacon, eggs and salsa verde (#6).  Other exotic items floating around the menu include braised pork belly, pork pâté, and fried chicken livers.  For vegetarians, they have a daily Market Salad as well as a veggie burger comprised of quinoa and vegetables held together with chickpeas and egg.  And yes, they have very good fries, hand-cut regular or sweet potato, and onion rings.

Don’t bank on a quick in and out unless you’re lucky enough to avoid the line (your best bet is to go early or late).  During peak times, the wait to order can take twice as long as the burger.  If the line is long, takeout is always an option.

4 Responses

  1. Courthouse Bites says:

    After further review…a 4-gavel rating for Farm Burger! Keep the comments coming.

  2. Kevin says:

    Best burger in the ATL area. If there is a seat open at the bar area take it, no waiting!

  3. Courthouse Bites says:

    Please tell us what you think of Farm Burger and other DeKalb County restaurants. Your opinions are very important to us. User reviews are essential and can affect a restaurant’s overall rating!

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