Four Gavels

Brandi’s World Famous Hot Dogs

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1.8 miles from the Courthouse. Ok, you’ll have to get in your car for this one, but it’s well worth the short drive for a little piece of Marietta history.  The small wooden shack was originally Betty’s World Famous Hot Dogs when it opened in 1979.  Betty sold the place along with her secret chili recipe to Brandi Wilson in 2002 and little has changed since.  The spicy (and we mean spicy!) chili dogs are the mainstay here–pairing one alongside a slaw dog (which has chili on it as well) is one way to contend with the fiery heat.  Dining here is quite simple:  wait on line, find a spot at the bar, order chili dogs, eat, pay with cash (only) and then leave.  Chili burgers are your other option but, either way, it is the chili that has put this place on the culinary map.  No longer just a long-time favorite amongst the locals, Brandi’s has become an Atlanta foodie destination.  In the AJC’s Best of the Big A series, Brandi’s was recently named the #1 hotdog in Atlanta.  Come early, if you can, to avoid the inevitable line and, yes, get yourself a couple of the famous chili dogs.

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